The Power of Uniqueness: Fundraising Ideas That Shine

Matching gifts, also referred to as corporate matching gifts are a form of philanthropy that allows companies to match the donations employees contribute to nonprofit organisations.

If an employee contributes an offer to donate, they’ll ask for the match from their employer. This will then make their own contribution. The majority of companies match donations at 1:1, but certain match up at 2:1, 3:1 or even the ratio of 4:1.

However, few donors are aware of matching gifts. This means that the staggering amount of $4-7 billion in matching gift funds are not claimed every year. That’s why it’s important to inform your donors about their matching gift possibilities!

Why do we love matching Gift Drives?

Everyone wins!

Matching gifts are beneficial since they’re free Unique Fundraising Ideas for your charity, they help the gifts of donors get even more out of hand and let companies help the causes which their employees are passionate about.

Matching gifts can give you an extra bang for your dollar. Your charity will get two donations in exchange to help you solicit the other, as well as donors will be happy knowing that their donations were twice as big.

How do you get started by utilizing a gift drive that matches your matching gift?

It’s simple! If you can raise awareness of your donors and invite them to provide the information about their donations at their workplaces, you’ll be able to raise more money.

Everyone enjoys receiving a warm card. Your organization could offer them in digital format as a reward for donations. Design and create designs for every occasion with donation cards for birthdays, holidays as well as thank-yous or sympathy outreach as well as day-of-action for cause awareness.

With the help of technology, you are able to provide them online, reducing the cost of printing and postage! Select a low-cost but reliable eCard creator platform to start. We recommend it, especially because it is integrated with a variety of top fundraising platforms.

The platform is equipped with everything you require to create unique digital cards then upload these to your website as well as your Shopify store. Donors can then purchase the cards by email social media, email or via text message.

Professional Fundraising Collateral

From flyers, stickers and t-shirts Unique Fundraising Ideas -designed products and gifts can increase the success of your fundraising. As well as helping your charity stand out, designing marketing materials Unique Fundraising Ideas feature your logo and colors can boost the brand’s visibility.

To obtain the collateral that you need for design work in a partnership with an graphic design business such as . Choose the branded items or attractive promotional items you require, and then collaborate together with your designer design something that represents the mission of your organization.

Kwala provides a range of design options for graphic documents that are ready for uploading or printing. For a start with Kwala complete the. Then, you’ll be able to begin soliciting branded fundraising materials that will make people enthusiastic about your fundraising.

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